Post-doctoral fellows

Claudia Hübner from the Hilbert lab in Leipzig

Claudia Hübner, PhD

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Claudia is a psychologist working as post-doctoral fellow at the Behavioral Medicine Research Unit. She dedicated her PhD thesis to weight bias and its internalization in individuals with overweight and obesity. As perfect supplement, she is passionately working in clinical obesity intervention trials as they provide her with the fulfilling opportunity to treat individuals with obesity based on different approaches (smartphone-supported behavioral therapies, social facilitation maintenance treatment, cognitive remediation therapy, EEG-neurofeedback training). Outside of work, Claudia enjoys spending time with her family in the nature and at the sewing machine.


Ricarda Schmidt from the Hilbert lab in Leipzig

Ricarda Schmidt, PhD

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Ricarda is a post-doctoral fellow at the Behavioral Medicine Research Unit. She passionately investigates eating and weight disorders in children and adolescents, particularly diagnostic, clinical, and neuropsychological aspects. After her PhD on cognitive and emotional processes in adolescents with binge-eating disorder, Ricarda dedicated her research to avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder. She loves working with and supervising our ambitious students. Outside the lab, you can find Ricarda in her garden, playing or watching football, and listening to Indie music.