PhD students


Marie Blume, MSc

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Marie is a PhD student interested in cognitive processes (e.g. self-regulation, attention, memory) and their association to disorders such as binge-eating disorder or neurological diseases. She is especially interested in methods to improve cognitive functioning with technology-based approaches, such as EEG neurofeedback or the use of virtual realities. Marie studied Psychology in Chemnitz, Leipzig, and Auckland (New Zealand). Besides research, Marie's greatest passions are surfing and traveling.


Sarah Matthias, MSc

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Sarah is a psychologist working in a research project on smartphone-supported behavioral weight loss therapy. As she is also training to become a behavioral therapist, contributing to the improvement of existing treatment methods is of special interest to her. She studied Psychology in Jena and San Sebastián (Basque Country, Spain). Outside of work, Sarah loves surfing, spending time in her garden and singing with her friends in a pub choir.

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Julius Lars Breinker, MSc

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Julius is an external doctoral candidate in the team. He is a clinical psychologist and graduated from universities in Salzburg (Austria) and Hamburg. His research focuses on treatment-seeking children and adolescents with overweight or obesity, especially their psychological characteristics before and after behavioral weight-loss treatment. After work, Julius likes to take a run in the nature or enjoys electronic music.

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Rebekka Ried, MSc

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Rebekka is a PhD student in our team. Her current research is about how early childhood experiences and trauma influence interpersonal relationships, and weight and eating disorders in adults. Her current work focuses on the development and implementation of a smartphone app designed to assist weight loss in people with obesity. Outside of work, Rebekka loves traveling, reading books, and taking long walks in nature.


Sarah Rösch, MSc

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Sarah is a clinical psychologist working as a behavioral weight loss trainer and PhD student interested in neurofeedback, its potential as a complementary treatment option in mental disorders, emotion regulation, and impulsivity. She graduated from Leipzig University with a MSc in psychology and got fascinated about neurofeedback during her master’s thesis at the Behavioral Medicine Research Unit. Outside of work, Sarah loves being outside and being in the nature, and is part of the Leipzig group of Psychologists4Future, a group of people concerned about a sustainable future.