News in 2021


New paper!

Our new paper by Busch et al. was published today. Nele Busch and colleagues provided and in-depth examination of excutive functions in binge-eating disorder. Adults with this disorder showed few deficits in general executive functions when compared to the population and no variations by mental or physical comorbidity. In contrast, higher weight status (e.g., obesity class 2) accounted for greater food-specific attentional bias.

Busch, N., Schmidt, R., & Hilbert, A. (2021). Executive functions of adults with binge-eating disorder: The role of weight status and psychopathology. Brain Sciences12(1), 6.


The End of Craving - Feature of our work in new book!

Our work was featured in the new book The End of Craving by best-selling author Mark Schatzker which was published today! Mark described his experiences when visiting our lab and when Anja made him have try pralinés and chips in therapeutic exercises, informing his view that wanting – a strong craving for food – could be replaced with liking – more enjoyment by eating better foods – as a potential remedy to the obesity pandemic…

Schatzker, M. (2021). The End of Craving: Recovering the Lost Wisdom of Eating Well. New York: Simon and Schuster.


New paper!                                                                                                                                            Our new paper by Puls et al. was published today. Based on data from real-life employment settings in Germany, Hans-Christian and colleagues showed that employees with obesity experienced more workplace bullying than those with normal weight. Workplace bullying was positively associated with psychological health impairments and partially mediated the associations between higher weight status and elevated burnout symptoms and lower quality of life in women, but not in men.

Puls, H.-C., Schmidt, R., Zenger, M., Kampling, H., Kruse, J., Brähler, E., & Hilbert, A. (2021). Sex-specific mediation effects of workplace bullying on associations between employees’ weight status and psychological health impairments. Nutrients, 13, 3867.


En route!                                                  This week, our PhD student Sarah takes part at the graduate conference of her Cusanuswerk scholarship in Haltern am See. Here, she presents her PhD thesis to an audience of other PhD students from diverse fields. Well done, Sarah!



Lecture announcement - Do not miss!                                                                                       Congress of the German Obesity Society, Wiesbaden, Germany. On November 05, 2021, 5.15-5.40pm: Anja Hilbert will present on the new stigmatization chapter and related recommendations in the revision of the scientific S3-guidelines “Prevention and Treatment of Obesity” of the German Obesity Society


WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE!                                                                                                     We are very excited to announce the launch of our new international website. Here, we would like to share news from our research group, publications, and information about our research projects. Much pleasure in discovering!