Obesity stigma

For more information on obesity and weight-related stigmatization including self-stigmatization, please visit our German website Here, you can find comprehensive information about the latest research on the prevalence and consequences of weight-related stigmatization, a self-test for evaluating own stigmatization tendencies, as well as approaches for stigma reduction.

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Psychosocial Registry for Bariatric Surgery

Detailed information on our Psychosocial Registry for Bariatric Surgery (PRAC) can be found on our German website, where we present a description and rationale of the study, information on diverse surgical weight-loss treatments, and recent publications on the PRAC study.

Children with rare diseases

On our German and English website, you can find more information about the CARE-FAM-NET study, a randomized-controlled treatment evaluation trial for families with a child with a rare disease.