Clinical psychologists


Marie Biernath, MSc

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Since her masters degree in psychology from University Halle Marie is mainly focused on her clinical work with children, adolescents and their families in the fields of obesity and type 1 diabetes at the pediatrics department of the University of Leipzig Medical Center. She is currently training to become a behavioural therapist at the Leipziger Ausbildungsinstitut für Psychotherapie. For her PhD, Marie is interested in research concerning eating disorders and dental status in children and adolescents. In the little time left she enjoys singing, yoga, running and spending time outdoors with her daughter.

Foto Gutschke

Miriam Gutschke, MSc

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Miriam is a clinical psychologist who is currently working with children and adolescents as well as their families in the fields of obesity and type 1 diabetes at the Hospital for Children and Adolescents of University of Leipzig Medical Center. Additionally, Miriam is undergoing a training to become a Systemic Therapist. Outside of work, Miriam loves attending cultural events or going on spontaneous trips in the surroundings of Leipzig.


Lisa Koziel, MSc

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Lisa is a clinical psychologist responsible for the psychological evaluation of patients seeking obesity surgery. Her PhD research has a focus on psychological predictors for the success of obesity treatments. During her psychology studies, she got interested in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, but also wants to contribute to the improvement of existing treatment options with her research. Outside of work, Lisa spends a lot of time listening to music, being creative, and is always ready for a spontaneous bike trip to the nearest lake.